Mosque reps commit to tackling “ISIS evil”

Markazi Mosque on South Street in Dewsbury. (D532A318)
Markazi Mosque on South Street in Dewsbury. (D532A318)

Four prominent members of Dewsbury’s Muslim community have released a joint statement in which they say they are “committed to doing their part in tackling the evil of ISIS”.

Kaushar Tai, Aqeel Adnan, Imam Syed Razi and Abdul Wahid, who are all part of the Kirklees Iman and Mosques Advisory Board (KIMAB), have given their statement to the Reporter, in which they say the Muslim community needed to do more to tackle radicalisation.

It follows the death of 17 year-old suicide bomber Talha Asmal in Syria last week. He had fled to join ISIS with his friend Hassan Munshi at Easter.

In their statement Mr Tai, Mr Adnan, Imam Razi and Mr Wahid said: “The suicide of Talha Asmal in Iraq has left many in the community shocked and horrified.

“It is a striking reminder of just how dangerous ISIS is and just how effective their recruitment and grooming strategies continue to be. The community is asking searching questions and engaging in challenging discussions.

“More than ever, it is important that we understand the drivers of radicalisation and the pathways to extremism.

“There is a clear recognition that the Muslim community need to do even more to tackle the challenge of radicalisation.

“The local mosques and community remain committed to doing their part in tackling this evil.

“We look forward to working with all stakeholders and people of all faiths to tackle this evil.

KIMAB was recently set up to enable mosques in Kirklees to work more closely together on common causes. It covers around 50 such places of worship in Batley, Dewsbury and Huddersfield.

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