Mother’s fear over tot’s lump

BRAVE: Three year old Jayden pictured with mum Katie at their home in Mirfield. (d11011270)
BRAVE: Three year old Jayden pictured with mum Katie at their home in Mirfield. (d11011270)

THE mother of a three-year-old boy is facing an agonising wait to find out if her youngest child’s cancer has returned.

Jayden Martin was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly before his first birthday.

Mother Katie, 29, said: “He’d been playing outside and his brother knocked into him with a pedal car. We thought he had just bruised himself. We took him to A&E and they said it looked like fluid and to keep an eye on him.”

But the lump grew and after a visit to the family’s GP Jayden was referred to Leeds General Infirmary for more tests in July 2010.

Katie said: “He was sent for an ultrasound and that’s when they confirmed the tumour. They booked him in for surgery the next day.

“I was expecting it to be a cyst or a little growth.”

The surgery seemed to have worked and later an MRI scan came back clear. But now Jayden must have more tests.

“We’ve seen another lump now so he’s having some more scans just in case. It could be cancer again, but it could just be an infection. We’re just hoping it’s a bug that he’s picked up,” said Katie, of Wellhouse Lane, Mirfield.

Katie said Jayden, who goes to Wellhouse Preschool, does not let being ill rule his life.

She said: “He goes to hospital for monthly blood tests. He just rolls up his sleeve and let’s them get on with it.

“He’s a normal little boy and he’s quite happy.”

Jayden has older siblings Bailey, four, and Reanna, 10.

The family is supported by children’s cancer charity Candlelighters and at Christmas Jayden was treated to a trip to Lapland by the children’s charity When You Wish Upon A Star.

Katie hopes that by sharing her story people will take time to check their children for lumps.

She said: “He had the accident which drew us to look at him. Once we found it, we did think how didn’t we notice sooner?

“Although it’s very rare in younger ones, it’s best to check while you’re changing nappies. It’s still a possibility.”