MP in Commons probation debate

MP Mike Wood speaking in Parliament about the probation service.
MP Mike Wood speaking in Parliament about the probation service.

Batley MP Mike Wood spoke in a House of Commons debate this week about government proposals to privatise the probation service.

It was the first time MPs have had chance to debate the Offender Rehabilitation Bill and Mr Wood, a former probation officer, spoke at length about the success of the present system

In particularly he highlighted the West Yorkshire service’s outstanding results and spoke against the impact of introducing profit-motivated private companies into what is already an effective service.

“The government has a longstanding wish to privatise the probation service and give the work to private companies, such as Capita, Serco and G4S,” said Mr Wood.

“The probation service works well so there is absolutely no need to privatise it. If the government really wants to expand the scope of rehabilitation to additional categories of offenders then it should give probation, who have proved themselves more than capable, the trust and resources to do it.”

This week’s debate followed a Labour sponsored debate in the Commons a fortnight ago about the proposed changes, during which Mr Wood spoke.

There was also industrial action by NAPO members last week, who were joined on the picket line in Dewsbury by Mr Wood.