Mum muscles in on the prize

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A MOTHER has won a national body-building contest, just six months after giving birth.

Danielle Chambers, 33, won the ladies’ fit body category at the UK Drug Free Bodybuilding Association Open Championships on Sunday.

Her success at the competition in Rugby means she can now compete at the World National Bodybuilding Federation finals in New York in November.

Mrs Chambers has been body-building for three years.

She has previously competed in National Physique Association competitions.

Mrs Chambers was a teacher, but is now a personal trainer and works on her own physique at Body In Design in Batley.

She started training for Sunday’s contest just weeks after giving birth to her first son, Colin, in March.

Mrs Chambers, of Whitley Road, Thornhill, said: “My trainer, Ian Duckett, said he would help me get into the best shape I could ever be in.

“Women do compete after having babies, but you have got to put in that extra work.

“I wanted prove to my clients, and prove to myself that I could get back in shape and start competing again.

“I had to wait six weeks after having Colin before I could start training again, but I was out walking and pushing his pram every day.

“I was on edge before the competition. I was really nervous.

“I’m not naturally a confident person, but I went in with an open mind.

“I wanted to give it my best shot.

“I had been working on my poses for weeks and it obviously paid off.”