Mum to continue fight for justice

Linda Hawker hands in her petition at Downing Street.
Linda Hawker hands in her petition at Downing Street.

A grieving mum whose 17-year-old son was killed in a horror crash has had her latest bid for justice rebuffed.

Daniel Atkinson’s mum Linda Hawker has been told by the Attorney General’s office that no new inquiry into her son’s death will be opened.

Daniel and his friend Jade Rice, also 17, died in January 2006 when a car driven by their care worker smashed into a lamppost in Huddersfield.

An inquest held in 2008 heard Mohammed Tanwir had been driving at 80mph or more in a 40mph area when he lost control of the car.

He has never been convicted of any offence relating to the accident.

Miss Hawker collected petition signatures in Dewsbury because her son had lived in Healds Road.

She said she has had no justice from the legal system.

“How dare they. I am absolutely disgusted,” she said.

“We have not been able to grieve and neither has the other mother. If I drove with two children at 40mph down that road and they were killed then it may have been an accident.

“But to drive between 80mph and 100mph, how can that be an accident?

“I am more angry with the government than I am with him and they died in his care.”

Miss Hawker and her daughters, Leander and Paige, went to Downing Street in March to hand over a petition with 2,260 signatures.

Miss Hawker, of Westgate, Wakefield, has vowed to keep fighting for justice.