Murder accused ‘lost control’

2nd February 2011. Police at an address on Oddfellows Street, Mirfield.
2nd February 2011. Police at an address on Oddfellows Street, Mirfield.

A MAN who killed his girlfriend told a court he ‘lost complete control’ when she told him she had aborted their child.

Jevgeni Matjuhha said he could not remember what happened after Nadija Ondzule’s confession at their home in Oddfellows Street, Mirfield, in January.

After killing her, he rang his mum to confess, then used Nadija’s credit cards to book flights to Holland and a room in a five-star hotel and scoured the internet for places to find prostitutes in Amsterdam.

The 23-year-old admitted the manslaughter of Miss Ondzule, but is standing trial at Leeds Crown Court accused of murder.

When questioned by Tahir Khan QC, defending, Matjuhha said: “I don’t even remember killing her. I lost complete control of myself.”

Matjuhha said he assumed he must have strangled Mrs Ondzule. He said when he came to his senses he found her beaten body in their bedroom.

He said: “The first thing I saw was blood around her head. I felt panicked. The first thing I did was call my mother. I didn’t tell her about the abortion. I said we had had an argument, a quarrel, and I had killed her.

“She started crying first of all, then she said, ‘You can’t reverse what you have already done,’ and that I would still remain her son, irrespective of what I have done in this life.

“I said to her that I didn’t think I was going to live with what I had done and asked her to forgive me if I took my own life.”

He said Matjuhha paid to stay in a five-star hotel in Amsterdam before travelling to the Ukraine and Estonia.

Giving evidence yesterday, Matjuhha said he was not allowed to stay there because he was too drunk.

The case continues.

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