Music studio makes worldwide waves

Grant Henderson at his recording studio (Loom Studio) at Carr Mills Business Centre in Birstall. (D521B313)
Grant Henderson at his recording studio (Loom Studio) at Carr Mills Business Centre in Birstall. (D521B313)

A small recording studio is making a big impact on the global music scene just three years after it was founded.

Loom Recording Studio in Birstall has recorded artists for major industry players such as Sony Records.

And one band which has recorded there, The Dunwells, have done very well indeed, recently securing a slot on legendary US talk show The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

The studio was set up three years ago by experienced businessman Doug Henderson and his musician son Grant.

In-house producer Grant, 39, said: “Good music production is not about how technical you are – it’s about how good you are with people.

“You can teach anybody the technical side but you can’t teach somebody creativity, and I’m from a creative background, and I consider myself to be a big ideas person. The bands get that.”

Grant originally went to art school in Huddersfield, where he started playing in bands, later making a name for himself as a dance DJ.

He set up his first home studio in Bradford but moved to Carr Mills Business Centre in Birstall for its central location within West Yorkshire.

Loom is also where the Hendersons run their other business, Firing Line Media, which makes music and jingles for commercials. The studio is used by freelance producers Steve Whitfield, Jeff Smith and Whiskas too.

Grant says his own success as a producer is down to his broad music tastes.

“One minute I minute I’m recording a samba band and the next I will be recording a metal band, and I know enough about both to do a good job,” he said.

“I’m the creative element of it but I’m not a businessman with anywhere near as much experience with my dad so it’s a perfect partnership.”