New plans for post

Spen’s posties will now deliver their mail on trollies, according to a new initiative from the Royal Mail.

The service, which has a depot in Cleckheaton, said it wants to reduce the risk of injury to staff by providing them with equipment to face the strain of modern deliveries.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: “Obviously, with emails, people send a lot fewer letters these days, but internet shopping is on the increase.

“As a result, our postmen and women are having to carry much larger packages, which are a strain on their traditional satchels – the new trolleys reduce the risk of injury to our postmen and women from carrying heavier mail bags.”

The change also coincides with the new routes which came into effect last week – which means many homes and businesses in Cleckheaton will receive their post later in the day.

The spokeswoman added: “These changes will require a period of adjustment for staff. However, Royal Mail will be doing everything possible to maintain a high level of service and thanks customers for their understanding.”

Royal Mail’s delivery director, Steve McGuinness said: “We are proud of the high regard in which our postmen and women are held in Cleckheaton. The changes to delivery routes will mean that a member of our local and experienced team will still be delivering to our customers in Cleckheaton.”

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