Noise, dust and rats at homes site

The land behind Lady Heton Drive.
The land behind Lady Heton Drive.

Developers have insisted everything is being done to keep disruption at their site to a minimum after complaints were made to the Reporter.

Ben Bailey Homes has completed demolition work on land off Kitson Hill Road and is now constructing 32 homes.

The plans were met with stiff opposition from residents last year – and many are still not happy.

Rosemarie Jones, of Lady Heton Grove, complain to us about work about noise, dust, and work being carried out on Saturdays.

“I dread to think what the summer months will be like when most of us would enjoy sitting in our gardens,” she said.

Melissa Aveyard, of Lady Heton Drive, said rats had invaded her garden – which had also flooded – and complained of an “enormous” fence inches from her garden.

“My garden has flooded twice, the water from the first couple of weeks in January still stands in huge puddles along our boundary,” she added.

A spokeswoman for Ben Bailey Homes said they had not received any complaints about pests, and surface water run-off prevention measures were completed at the site in January.

She said: “All work at the site has been carried out in accordance with the planning conditions for the development. This includes carrying out some works on Saturday mornings, during which time we do keep disruption for residents to a minimum.

“We also regularly carry out street cleaning at the development.

“We constructed taller fences than originally proposed in response to feedback from residents specifically requesting that we increase the height.”