Olympic legacy is burning brightly

Participation in sport has risen since the Olympics.
Participation in sport has risen since the Olympics.

One year on and the Olympic legacy is alive and well in Kirklees, according to local sports clubs.

Batley Sports and Tennis Centre, in Windmill Lane, has seen a rise in participation levels since the Games last summer.

The centre, which offers an array of Olympic sports including basketball and gymnastics, has witnessed a 5.3 per cent increase on new members joining the club.

Operations manager Jamie Nelson said: “People have been motivated to join and be more active.

“There has been a big drive for health and fitness and more people have been taking up swimming.”

The sports club has also launched tennis summer camps for youngsters, following Andy Murray’s success at the Games and Wimbledon.

The rise is mirrored at Dewsbury Sports Centre, which has seen a jump in the number of people taking part.

Sports and Activities Manager Richard Kempley said: “Since the Olympics we have seen a positive improvement in our archery and gymnastics participation.

“One year on from the Olympics, we offer quadruple the amount of archery lessons due to the high demand and have expanded our gymnastics delivery and equipment.”

General participation in sport throughout Kirklees has also been boosted as Kirklees Active Leisure has seen a 16.9 per cent rise in the number of people joining sports club.