On-the-spot inprov wasn’t as strong as scripted gags - Andi Osho review

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COMEDIANS pick on their audiences. It’s a given, and when done well, it can produce running jokes that make the night even more memorable.

So when Andi Osho began her 90-minute stand-up routine with a dissection of the front row, no-one batted an eyelid.

But I’m sorry to say it soon grated.

I like Andi Osho. I’ve watched her on comedy panel shows and in televised stand-up and felt proud that we had another female, British comedian who was doing well.

But sadly her performance at the Studio on Friday spent too much time on unfunny audience members and too little time on the honest, down-to-earth comedy Osho is known for.

Yes, some surnames are funny. Getting married into an amusing surname offers a snigger or two. But move on. When she went back to her routine Osho was great – bold, brash comedy brought to life by a charming, unembarrassed physicality. But sadly those few moments of brilliance could not save the show. Disappointing.

Samantha Robinson