Opinion: Heckmondwike Alliance’s Simon Thirkill


Try it, you never know you might just like it.

The other week I was able to fulfil one of my childhood ambitions, I was given the opportunity to try my hand at acting for the first time. I was fortunate enough to get a part in the cast of Hi-De-Hi!, and was able to perform on stage with a great bunch of people.

With knees trembling and a strange dry warble to my voice I made my stage debut as police Sgt Prichard of C Division and I loved it.

This got me thinking what else is out there in and around Heckmondwike that might be worth a try, so armed with the internet, local newspaper and library, I searched for club’s groups and organisations. And not surprisingly there are loads of them art, drama, history, photography everything from model trains to wood turning, far too many to mention. Yet again the area in which I live and work surprises me with yet more hidden gems.

There are also a great number of voluntary groups and organisations doing some fantastic work in the community’s we live in, some working with kids others with adults, but all with a common unselfish purpose, to enrich and enhance the lives of other people and our communities.

A great many of these groups deliver some fantastic outcomes with just sheer determination and the dedication of volunteers, who gain nothing other than the satisfaction of helping others.

So my advice after my highly successful theatre run is, have a look at what is out there and try it you never know you might just like it.