Opinion: Mayor of Mirfield Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton

MAYOR'S PARLOUR Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton.
MAYOR'S PARLOUR Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton.

At the meeting of Mirfield Town Council this Tuesday many issues were discussed, but before business started at 7.30pm. The members of Mirfield Town Council had been in the chambers an hour earlier to receive their annual planning training update.

Mirfield Town Council is a consultative body with regards to planning applications received at Kirklees and if the Mirfield members are to effectively represent the town then their training must be up-to-date and current.

We had a member of the public attend and raise issues concerning them. I would like to remind everyone that the first 15 minutes are open for members of the public to attend the meetings and to raise any questions or problems that they may be experiencing.

There has been much speculation about the proposed supermarket and this week there was speculation that the application may be withdrawn. We have been informed that the planning application is still live and is going through the planning process.

There has also been much talk about devolution over the past few years and issues are being raised about this matter.

Whereas Mirfield Town Council would welcome more decision-making powers, we must make sure that the money is also devolved down. We will not accept any inequality in devolved powers. I would not accept a situation where Mirfield residents face dual taxation to deliver services.

There are many more questions to be answered. What will Kirklees do where there are no town or parish councils in an area? Will they continue to pay for and deliver the necessary services in those areas? These questions must be raised!

Upon liaising with officers at Kirklees and trying to secure another rubbish bin for Knowl Park and more visits from the cleansing department. We were informed that as there is a town council we should pay for another bin. This is dual taxation. Mirfield residents have paid their council to tax to Kirklees for such services.

Mirfield Town Council will not raise the precept to pay for Kirklees’ shortcomings. Our residents will not and should not be charged twice for the services that Kirklees would normally provide in an area that does not have a town or parish council.

It is with these issues in mind that we have signed up and joined forces with the other town and parish councils within Kirklees to ensure that dual taxation does not and will not take place.inion