Get the facts without the speculation - all your Brexit questions answered

We'll answer all of your Brexit questions
We'll answer all of your Brexit questions

We're asking readers to let us know which aspects of Brexit are concerning them the most.

With just over seven weeks to go, uncertainty still surrounds the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

It remains to be seen what affect Brexit will have on affect millions of people in the UK, despite all the talk and media coverage given to the subject.

So we’ll be investigating a variety of topics that our readers may be concerned about. We've already looked at how the price of wine will be affected, the supply of EU medicines to the NHS and various travel-related concerns.

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JPIMedia is the trusted source of information at the heart of your community and we will be trying to bring you all the facts without any of the spin.

All you have to do is email and she’ll try to get the answers. Please put Brexit in the subject line.