Golden couple’s eyes met in a Bradford boiler house

GOLDEN DAY: Gwen and Keith Cooper. (d26031211)
GOLDEN DAY: Gwen and Keith Cooper. (d26031211)

A COUPLE who met in a boiler house in Bradford in 1960 celebrate 50 years of married life tomorrow.

Gwen Cooper said: “I was working at a yarnspinners in Bradford and I used to put my Vespa scooter in the boiler house for safe keeping.

MEMORY LANE: The happy couple on their wedding day in 1962.

MEMORY LANE: The happy couple on their wedding day in 1962.

“One day I saw this gorgeous looking lad working the boiler house, our eyes met – and that was it really.”

The lad was Keith who worked as an installation engineer.

Gwen has fond memories of her Vespa. “It was pink, which was a bit unusual for that time, and it cost 125 guineas.”

The couple, who live in Heaton Avenue, Earlsheaton, were married at Dewsbury Register Office on March 30 1962.

Keith, 72, is Dewsbury born and bred and Gwen, 70, was originally from Halifax. They have three sons, Richard, Andrew and John, and six grandchildren.

The couple are keen caravaners during the summer, with Southport as their favourite destination.

When they are not away with their caravan Gwen sings with barbers’ shop chorus The Pennine Chimes, while Keith enjoys relaxing by playing snooker and cards.

Tomorrow’s golden wedding day will be something of a surprise celebration for the couple. Gwen said: “Someone is organising something, but we don’t know what it is.”

And their advice for a long and successful marriage – “Just stick with it,” said Gwen.