Outrage as Mirfield pupil put in isolation for "too tight" school trousers

The Mirfield Free Grammar
The Mirfield Free Grammar

An outraged parent has spoken of her shock that her child was put in isolation for wearing trousers that were deemed too tight.

Liz Cassells says The Mirifield Free Grammar is being too heavy handed when it comes to uniform and claims she is not the only parent up in arms over the school’s strict approach.

She says her Year 10 daughter was put in a room and told she could not leave for over five hours because her trousers were judged the wrong fit.

“The children in isolation were not given a break or food at their normal time at mid-morning and had to wait until almost 2pm for food and drink,” she said.

“This is not a way to treat children, in my opinion.

“I am extremely upset. The school have told me they’re preparing them for life but I manage people and I’ve never shut anyone in a room for wearing something they shouldn’t be.”

She says important education time is being missed.

“The imposition of rules should not take precedent over important learning - my daughter had no classes all day which, in Year 10 is ridiculous - and basic human rights.”

Miss Cassells, from Mirfield, said the school has four other options, such as detention, that can be used before isolation is enforced.

“The school have escalated this issue too far and removing children from important classes is not a correct punishment for uniform non-compliance,” she said.

“Goodness knows what they do to punish children who are actually naughty or were found with a weapon or drugs.”

The Dewsbury Reporter Series has contacted The Mirfield Free Grammar School for a comment.