Police use DNA tagging spray in battle against off-road bikers in Kirklees

A DNA tagging spray is being used by a new police team in Kirklees to identify off-road bikers for prosecution.

Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 12:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 12:06 pm
a police officer on an off-road bike

A new team of police using off-road bikes are spraying off-road bikers with the DNA spray so the riders can be linked to the bikes for evidence presented in court.

Police have secured the first prosecution using a DNA spray. Every can contains a unique chemical signature.

Officers in the Wakefield district have been using the technology and have started seeing positive results.

The operation in Kirklees is being lanched this month and is due to run until September.

Dewsbury NPT Inspector Chris Hughes, said: “We are very conscious of the impact of anti-social off road riding on our communities in Dewsbury and neighbouring areas of Kirklees.

"We often have seen offences being committed almost daily in communities, risking the safety of members of the public and the riders themselves on our roads; some of whom have been injured through their own behaviour.

"As a result we have acquired and been trialling a new DNA spray to 'tag' offenders in the act.

"It is a harmless, odourless and invisible solution, naked to the eye and is proving invaluable in helping us solve the problem of identifying offenders.”

“I would like to encourage anyone who has information regarding the use of off-road bikes or anti-social behaviour to contact the police. In particular, any details or descriptions of the riders themselves, the bikes and the locations where they are seen or kept, to assist with our enquiries to tackle this issue.

"There are safe and lawful ways for people to enjoy their hobby; we hope that this operation will reassure our communities that we are taking a proactive approach to this issue and we will not tolerate their use on the roads in Kirklees.”

Anyone with any information about nuisance or off road bikes on the Districts roads is asked to contact the police via 101.