Progress being made on allotments

PROGRESS is being made on the tidying up of allotments at Bankfield Court, Mirfield, said Coun Colin Fretwell at Tuesday's town council meeting.

He reported to councillors and a concerned member of the public that one greenhouse which had been in a poor condition had been removed and further rubbish on the site would be taken away within the next few weeks.

Coun Fretwell, a member of the allotment committee formed by the town council to liaise with the Allotment Society, said: "You will never get an allotment to look like a cultivated garden but residents have got a legitimate complaint and we hope to have addressed some problems and continue to bring about more improvements.

"I know it has been going on for a long time but I ask you to try and be patient a little longer."

Further meetings between the two groups are planned to maintain and continue progress on the matter.