Psychological drama starts filming in Dewsbury

Film crew at St Thomas More Church.
Film crew at St Thomas More Church.

Films crews have been shooting a psychological drama in Dewsbury this week.

The car park outside Dewsbury train station, Dewsbury Market and St Thomas More Church in Chickenley have been used as locations for ‘The Incident’.

Written by BAFTA-nominated writer and director Jane Linfoot, the films stars Ruta Gedmintas, who has appeared in ‘The Tudors’, and Tom Hughes, who was a lead in Ricky Gervais’s ‘Cemetery Junction’.

A lighting technician from the 24-strong crew on set today said filming began on Sunday and was scheduled to last a month, focusing on Dewsbury and Huddersfield.

He said the independent film would probably be finished by October.

Plot details released so far indicate the film is about a metropolitan couple, Annabel (Gedmintas) and Joe (Hughes), who cross paths with Lily, a troubled, vulnerable teen.

Their decision to ignore Lily’s plight provokes an unsettling incident that disrupts the couple’s comfortable lives, forcing them to confront their shared guilt.

Jane Linfoot has said of the film: ‘The Incident’ aims to be an emotionally haunting piece that asks some challenging questions of its characters and audience, reminding us that we have a moral obligation to protect all children who are vulnerable, not just our own.”