Read all about it in gazette

A MIRFIELD charity is planning to give budding journalists a chance to report on news in their community.

The Mirfield Community Trust is putting together plans for a monthly community gazette to be written, edited and designed by a team of young adults from the town.

And now they are looking for teenagers interested in writing about their community to join the project.

Trust youth and sport development officer Riccardo Pinardi said: “We are always looking at different ways to get the kids to be pro-active in the local community. Kids always hang on street corners and there is nothing for them to do. It’s only because organisations are not giving them the chance to do something and have their say. I think this is one good way of doing that.

“We are going to get kids involved and send them out to report on what they think about their own community. It will also give them a chance to tell us what they want to do and get them off the streets.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the project can contact Riccardo on 01924 490835 at