Residents voice stray dog concerns

STRAY dogs are plaguing a Mirfield estate and one angry resident says she has had enough and wants action taken.

Rachel Carter, of Northway Gardens, said she has known up to three or four dogs to be sitting in her back garden at any one time, sometimes in the middle of the night howling and barking.

Miss Carter, who has a puppy of her own, said owners should take more responsibility and not allow their pets to wander the streets alone.

She added: "I have seen Alsations, Staffordshire bull terriers and goodness knows what else in my back garden. With three young children I can't risk letting my children into the garden alone. You never know what could happen in only a second when dogs like that are involved."

During the past week-and-a-half, Miss Carter said the problem had seemed to get worse but nobody appeared to be interested in resolving the matter. She said she had called the dog warden when the dogs had been in her garden, only for him to turn up the following day. And when she spoke to someone at Kirklees Council she was told there was not enough wardens to cover the whole area.

Miss Carter added: "The dogs obviously belong to someone because they all have collars on. It's got to the point where some are here 24/7. They're a menace and it's just so annoying."

Miss Carter said other neighbours were also concerned about the problem and had been kept awake at night by dogs howling. She added they were planning to bring the issue up at the next tenants and residents meeting later this month.

A Council spokeswoman said: "We have not received the number of complaints we would expect to have if there was a problem with large numbers of stray dogs in this area. We cannot guarantee an immediate response and it is possible that the dog warden is unable to visit the area the same day as the complaint is made because of other commitments.

"If however the dog or dogs are captive and cannot escape back onto the street then the dog warden will endeavour to collect the dog within a few hours.

"The workload for the service is high therefore the more serious jobs get done as quickly as possible. We would targetproblem areas at the time of day when residents say there is a regular nuisance with a view to prosecuting the owners of any offending dogs we may detain."