Road plans for Project Mirfield

Wellhouse Lane in Mirfield.
Wellhouse Lane in Mirfield.

A group that has been campaigning against a proposed development in Mirfield has switched its target to busy roads in the town.

Steve Benson, who runs Project Mirfield, said his group wants weight and speed restrictions put on Wellhouse Lane, Hepworth Lane and Crossley Lane to combat both speeding motorists and heavy goods vehicles using the roads as a rat-run.

He said the problems surfaced at the turn of the year when the group was conducting traffic surveys in the roads surrounding the proposed Bellway development site.

He said: “We found HGV drivers trying to negotiate their way up Hepworth Lane and Crossley Lane, and they have to reverse out, which is a massive risk to oncoming traffic.

“We believe wagons are getting lost and cutting through small rural roads like these – and when the M62 shuts down, it is even worse.”

The group wants a vehicle weight restriction of seven and a half tonnes on each of the roads, with a 20 mph speed limit, which also includes provisions for road-resurfacing.

Mr Benson said the group already had in excess of 100 signatures for the petition, which it hopes to submit to Kirklees Council by mid-March.

He dismissed suggestions this was an attempt to stop construction vehicles accessing the nearby Bellway site, should permission be granted for the development.

He said: “People can make their own conclusions about this, but what is more important than anything is people’s safety.

“From people I have spoken to who live in these areas, there have been many ‘near misses’. At the moment we believe there is a high risk of an accident happening on these roads. We want to turn that into a low risk.”

A spokeswoman for Kirklees said the council did not want to comment on the petition until it was submitted.