Sally finished Lakeland 50

Sally Salter takes a well deserved rest after completing the Lakeland 50 Ultra Marathon.
Sally Salter takes a well deserved rest after completing the Lakeland 50 Ultra Marathon.

A personal trainer is celebrating after completing the Lakeland 50 Ultra Marathon – a 50-mile course over some of the toughest terrain in the UK.

Sally Salter finished the gruelling challenge in a staggering 18 hours and 18 minutes.

She came 443rd out of 600 competitors from across the globe including Europe and America.

Sally, of Woodhall Drive, Batley, said taking part in the challenge was the most amazing experience of her life.

“The first four miles were awful,” she said.

“I hate the start in races as it feels like I have never run before as I cannot get my breath or my rhythm.

“I got over it and I started climbing into the hills but the intense heat all day made running and climbing tough.”

The Lakeland 50 is a 50-mile ultra-race with 3,100m of ascent through tricky terrain.

The course starts from the northern end of Ullswater before finishing in Coniston.

Competitors have 24 hours to finish the challenge.

Sally, who is no stranger to running having competed in several races across the district, managed to reach the half way mark just before dusk but was soon faced with torrential rain.

She said: “The rain dropped us down into slippery treacherous footing at Troutbeck and we were soaked.”

Fuelled with bananas and salted peanuts, Sally powered through and reached the final checkpoint with only 15 miles left to go.

“The hideous terrain down to Coniston made my legs scream but I still managed a run down into town and a sprint finish over the line,” she said.

And if the challenge was not gruelling enough, Sally completed 20 squat thrusts on the finish line for extra sponsorship.

She raised more than £1,400 for Great Ormond Street Hospital, which played an instrumental role when the daughter of Sally’s best friend was taken ill.

Spen Running Club member Sally has now set her sights on taking part in the Lakeland 100.

The circular route encompasses the whole of the Lakeland fells, includes around 6,300m of ascent and consists almost entirely of footpaths.

She said: “My feet are still throbbing Tom and Jerry style but I am high on achievement.

“I am trying to figure out a strategy for the Lakeland 100.”

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