Save and borrow safely at union

Borough and Parish Community Credit Union.
Borough and Parish Community Credit Union.

People in Dewsbury and Mirfield are being urged to use a community-run credit union, instead of turning to high-interest loan companies.

The Borough and Parish Community Credit Union, a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, offers emergency loans to disadvantaged people at fixed rates.

It recently opened a new branch at Thornhill Community Academy, which supports the work of the credit union.

A spokeswoman for the credit union said: “The school very generously allowed us to use their premises as our meeting point and we are trying to promote the benefits of saving and borrowing with the credit union.

“We believe the service is especially useful for less well-off families although we would, of course, like everybody to use it.

“We would encourage people to see the value of saving and also have access to cheap borrowing when necessary.”

The credit union is open every Thursday at the school, in Valley Drive, Thornhill, 2.45pm-4pm.

The spokeswoman said the union offers small loans in emergencies at low rates.

It also makes sure that people have the means to repay before giving out any loans.