Scam family’s payback

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A FAMILY involved in a mortgage scam have been ordered to repay more than £500,000.

Rashid Farid, 33, was jailed for 11 years in 2009 for conspiracy to defraud, arising from his Dewsbury-based Lifestyle Mortgages (Kirklees) Ltd.

The scam, which netted almost £800,000, involved altering Land Registry records and mortgage applications on properties in Dewsbury, Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds.

Farid was named as the mastermind of the scheme.

At Bradford Crown Court this week, he appeared with his father Mohammed Farid, 55, and brother Mohammed Jahangir Farid, 28, who had also been jailed in 2009.

The family, from Lemans Drive, Batley, were ordered to pay back nearly £535,000.

Rashid Farid must pay £330,000 himself or face an additional three and a half years in jail, his brother has to repay £161,427 or two more years and three months in jail and their father £41,967 or risk 15 months in jail.