Sisters were a festive first for hospital

SPECIAL BOND Twins Rachael Ellis and Becky Denvers with mum Tania Corcoran. (D547C350)
SPECIAL BOND Twins Rachael Ellis and Becky Denvers with mum Tania Corcoran. (D547C350)

They say great minds think alike – and for twins Becky Denvers and Rachael Ellis it’s a regular occurrence.

The pair, who turn 30 tomorrow, did everything together as children and still see each other every day.

Mum Tania Corcoran said: “If they ever got hiccups, they would hiccup together. If they ever sneezed, they would sneeze together. Many a time our family get the same Christmas card or gift from both girls. They think the same.”

The girls were the first twins to be born at Dewsbury and District Hospital on Christmas Day when they arrived nine weeks early in 1983.

They will celebrate their birthday together by cooking Christmas dinner at Rachael’s home in Healey.

Tania, 50, said: “They weren’t due until February 28, but I had been in hospital from October for bed rest. It was mum’s birthday and they let me home in the afternoon on Christmas Eve to spend it with her.

“They said to come back on Christmas morning, but I went into labour that night. They were born before the doctor came for morning rounds.”

The sisters were born four minutes apart – Becky first at 5.17am, weighing 4lb 1oz, and Rachael at 5.21am, weighing 4lb 15oz.

They are mirror twins, which means they are identical twins with opposite features.

Tania, of Stockhill Street, Dewsbury, said: “They were really naughty babies. Rachael was the leader and Becky copied her, but after they turned three they were lovely.”

Becky, of The Oval, Staincliffe, has four children – Kai, 10; Mason, seven; Shae, six, and Poppie, 20 months.

Rachael, of Chaster Street, has two girls – Daisy, three, and Lissy, eight months.

“With my first daughter, I thought it would be really nice to have twins until she was born and then I thought no!” she said. “My partner has got twin sisters so I did worry.”

The sisters are close to their brothers, Liam and Scott, and grandma, Maureen Fortis, whose birthday they so nearly shared. But nothing gets in the way of them spending time together and taking a few minutes along on their birthday to exchange gifts on their own.

Becky said: “We see each other every day. Our partners don’t like it, but I say ‘You’ll have to like it or lump it!’”