Slideshow: Civil War re-enactment at Oakwell Hall brings battle to life

oakwell hall civil war re-enactment
oakwell hall civil war re-enactment

Cannon fire and musket shots rang out around Oakwell Hall as the Battle of Adwalton Moor was remembered.

Around 200 English Civil War Society members recreated the famous battle at the hall on Saturday.

oakwell hall civil war re-enactment

oakwell hall civil war re-enactment

It was one most important battles during the Civil War and was fought a mile north of Oakwell Hall on June 30 1643.

The conflict between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers saw around 10,000 men fight at Adwalton – now part of modern-day Drighlington.

And the six-year battle finally ended after the execution of King Charles I.

The re-enactment involved men on horseback and fighting with muskets, cannons and pikes.

oakwell hall civil wae re-enactment

oakwell hall civil wae re-enactment

It was part of a weekend of living history at the Elizabethan manor, which included a military camp on the front lawn.

There were also demonstrations of wood turning and 17th century punishments.

And the hall was filled with actors portraying the then owners of the hall, the Batt family as they prepared for war.

Oakwell Hall’s heritage manager Eric Brown said: “Seeing the society in full costume and portraying the battle brought the house to life.

“Oakwell Hall had a significant role in the battle, which is often forgotten, so it is great to remember an important part of our national history.

“The society did a great job portraying what it was like to fight in the battle, which many relatives of people in Batley and Birstall would have been apart of.

“We are hoping to do many more events like this and it is all down the volunteers who helped make the weekend a success.”