Slideshow: Hundreds at Batley’s classic car rally

From E-types to army jeeps, classic car fans got a treat when Batley’s Wilton Park provided the backdrop for an annual show.

There were luxury vehicles of every size and shape, their bonnets open for inspection by other enthusiasts.

Batley Car Rally.

Batley Car Rally.

Hundreds of owners turned out on Sunday for the rally, which was organised by the Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club.

Treasurer Michelle Green said the show was one of the best yet.

“We had more than 200 cars dating back to the 1920s up to the 1990s,” she said.

“There were lots of car enthusiasts there but we also had lots of families coming along to have a look.

“They may not have much interest in cars but shows like this can spark an interest. There are so many different stories to tell about the cars.”

Mrs Green said the club’s next show would be at Dewsbury’s Crow Nest Park in October.

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