Slideshow: Stories comes to life for World Book Day

Book characters roared into life as schools and nurseries celebrated World Book Day.

At St John Fisher’s Catholic High School, it was the teachers who were dressing up on Thursday as an array of literary characters from Effie Trinket and Katniss from The Hunger Games to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

World Book Day - St John Fisher High School - Jim Hawkins. (D544D409)

World Book Day - St John Fisher High School - Jim Hawkins. (D544D409)

And some were not for the faint hearted - with teacher Jim Hawkins dressing up as Stephen King’s terrifying clown Pennywise.

Amy Harris, head of media studies, said: “We launched the Readathon with year 7, who will be collecting sponsors for reading and raising money for CLIC Sergeant and the Roald Dahl Foundation. 
“There was also a Big Book Swap, where students brought in books to swap and trade. This made for some interesting conversations. There was also an inter-form book quiz with prizes available and Year 11 had a special assembly with extracts from Catcher in the Rye.”

Youngsters at Flatts Nursery School on Ashworth Green embraced the day, dressing up as storybook and nursery rhyme characters, and raised money for Book Aid International, which send children’s books to Africa,

Assistant head Helen Grange said: “Lots of children came dressed up and the staff acted out the story of Mr Gumpy’s Mud Car, which fitted in with our topic this term of journeys and travelling.”

At Little Acorns nursery in Mirfield, staff and children got into character by dressing up and learning about what makes a book.

Sally Rangeley, acting deputy manager, said: “We took full advantage of World Book Day. We had various activities, such as making character masks, making books, re-acting well known stories and listening to the authors of the stories which we have on CDs.”

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