Slow down the cyclists

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As we live next to Dewsbury Moor we enjoy walking our dog on the Greenway, as do many other dog owners but so often we find that the enjoyment is spoilt by the inconsiderate cyclists. I realise that they have every right to be riding on the Greenway but wish they would be a little more considerate towards walkers.

So often they seem to treat the Greenway as a racing cycle track and have no time for anyone else. They speed along, which is not so bad if they are coming towards you as you are able to take avoiding action but when they come up behind you, the first you know about it is when they hurtle past, very often taking you by surprise.

It is a pity that maximum speed signs are not sited at points along the way, for the days are gone when it was the law that cyclists had to have an audible warning in the shape of a bell or horn.


Barley Croft