Specialist fire crews called to rescue trapped dogs

Specialist fire crews from Cleckheaton were called to the rescue of trapped dogs three times in just nine days.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 1:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th June 2016, 11:53 am
Members of the Technical Rescue Team with Steph Wade and Fred in Bramley Fall Woods. Pictures courtesy of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

All manner of equipment from drills, chisels and a ‘snake eye’ camera were used to free the pets, much to the relief of their panicked owners.

Most recently Fred, a Parson Russell Terrier, was at the centre of a 90-minute rescue after he got stuck in a hole in Bramley Fall Woods in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services’ Technical Rescue Unit, based in Cleckheaton, was called out to help on Saturday morning.

Momo is reunited with owner Sian Jackson.

Technical rescue officer John Lloyd said: “Fred had disappeared down one hole and appeared at the entrance to another hole but could not get out as it was too narrow.

“Having consulted with the park ranger, crews used a battery powered drill and chisel to widen the hole and make it possible for Fred to come out.”

Fred’s owner, Steph Wade, said: “Fred is a friendly, happy, loving dog that is part of my family. Seeing him trapped in the hole and unable to help him was extremely upsetting and frightening.

“When the team arrived they were considerate and reassuring to me, they quickly and efficiently assessed the situation and throughout the rescue the team were thoughtful and gentle towards Fred.

Momo is reunited with owner Sian Jackson.

“This compassion and kindness to me and Fred made this terrible experience bearable and Fred has suffered no ill effects from his experience.”

A Border Terrier named Momo had similar difficulties when she got stuck down a fox hole in Pudsey.

Her owner, Sian Jackson, was walking MoMo on Owlcotes fields on May 27 when she disappeared.

Station manager Mark Hitchcock attended as technical rescue officer and mobilised the Technical Rescue Unit from Cleckheaton.

A ‘snake eye’ camera was used to locate MoMo who was trapped about 1.5 metres down the hole.

The firefighters carefully dug down and coaxed MoMo with doggy treats before she was pulled to safety by firefighter Andy McManus.

Sian, 20, a business administrator, said: “They did a really good job, I cannot thank them enough. I thought she was a gonner.

“When they were digging one of the firefighters covered her head so soil would not fall on her. I was so scared for her.

“When she came out I was really overwhelmed. I got home and MoMo just got straight into her bed and had a lie down. It was a bit traumatic for her.

The team was also called upon to rescue a 16-month-old Cocker Spaniel from a culvert near Wessenden Head Reservoir, Holmfirth, on May 30.