Student speaks out over 'terrifying' drug MCAT

A STUDENT has given a stark warning not to mess with MCAT after the popular club drug almost claimed her life.

The woman was told by medics the drug would have killed her if she had not sought help quickly, after becoming dangerously ill following a night out in Dewsbury.

The 20-year-old, who would only be identified by her first name, Sarah, had taken illegal drugs before on nights out in the town.

She had also experimented with mephedrone, known as MCAT or meow, a legal stimulant which includes plant food and ketamine.

But nothing prepared her for the nightmare that ensued after she snorted a gram of the legal drug last Saturday. She had also taken co-codamol tablets and was drunk alcohol. Later she started to feel anxious and dizzy which led to paranoia.

"Then my body felt like it was shaking inside. It was terrifying. I went to wake my mum."

Her mum refused to let her go to sleep, calling an ambulance and going with her to Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Sarah's mum said: "She kept passing out and coming round again, scratching herself furiously, digging her nails into her face and neck. Her heart rate had soared to 127 beats per minute."

The doctors told Sarah if she had not woken her mum, she would have passed out and died.

Sarah, of Thornhill, said MCAT was widely available in some of the most popular nightspots in Dewsbury and Batley. She has now vowed not to touch MCAT or any other drug again.

She said: "A lot of people are on it. At 7 a gram it is dirt-cheap. But it's addictive and can make you aggressive.

"Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's safe. My message is that it's not worth it. I nearly died."

Sgt Damian Roebuck said: "Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it's safe. A perfect example of this is MCAT. This has severe side effects, with some users becoming extremely violent and showing significant mental instability."