Teen drinking blitz pays off

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A BLITZ on under-age drinking in parts of Dewsbury has brought results.

The number of calls to police about anti-social behaviour has plummeted since police and other agencies took direct action.

And next month, a special event will reward young people who have taken part in the scheme.

Insp Jenny Thompson said groups of young people had been drinking in Thornhill on Friday evenings and police had been working to tackle the problem. “This work has seen a reduction in calls to us,” she said.

Reports of damage to properties in Thornhill had been on the increase. The local Trojans sports club has had a Kirklees Council CCTV unit fitted to help deter crime.

Now police, the council and the Crime Reduction Initiative are putting measures in place to cut under-age drinking.

A £3,000 funding package will be used to improve community relationships through football and creative dance. This scheme will operate in areas such as Thornhill, Ravensthorpe and Savile Town.