‘Thanks for all your support’

Emily Ranoble.
Emily Ranoble.

Column: Emily Ranolble - ‘Thanks for all your support’

The mastectomy has been a real success, I had my first expansion of the implants last week and I am feeling great.

Everything I had hoped would happen has happened, and none of the things I was fearing have been issues. Four weeks after the mastectomy I am back at work, back to enjoying all the things I love to do, and back to living my life; only now without the spectre of breast cancer looming.

I shall continue to dedicate myself to raising awareness about cancer and trying to encourage women who may be at risk to consider the ways they can protect themselves.

I feel incredibly grateful to have been given this chance. To be able to live the rest of my life knowing that the disease that deprived my mum of the chance to watch me and my little brother grow up, and deprived her of the chance to grow old, won’t take those years away from me is a blessing. I spoke on the BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show tomorrow about my mastectomy and how I’m feeling, and on Sunday I’ll be sharing my story at the Cancer Research UK Race for Life at Temple Newsam.

It has been an absolute privilege to have been given the chance to share my story with so many people and the support I have received has been incredible. I never doubted I was doing the right thing, but the kind words have kept me smiling, so thank you.