There’s no need for it

Like many Mirfield residents I firmly believe that there is no overiding need for the Tesco Express planned to be located in the old Black Bull Hotel which is situated right on the busiest junction in the town.

In and near Mirfield centre there is a large Co-op, NISA, Lidl (currently being enlarged) and a recently opened Londis. Within in a short distance can be found Morrisons (Ravensthorpe), Co-ops in Nab Lane and Sunnybank Road and a One Stop (Owned by Tesco) on Greenside.

There is real concern amongst local traders that their livelihoods will be jeopardised and should small independent businesses go under then their empty shops are unlikely to be taken because of the Tesco trading threat.

Mirfield will become devoid of shopping character.

The proposed Tesco Express is on what is arguably the busiest junction in Mirfield and has a hazardous car park exit.

Kirklees has recognised that this hazard exists by making the exit from the Black Bull Hotel car park a left turn only.

The mandatory turn left out of the car park also means every car shopper visiting Tesco Express is obliged to continue their journey along Huddersfield Road towards Dewsbury. If this is not where they want to go then they must either perform a U-turn on the busy Huddersfield Road or find a rat-run route in which to turn round.

This will add to the traffic and pollution misery of those living in the streets affected and many drivers will risk the dangerous and illegal right turn to avoid the lengthy detour.

Also any congestion at the car park entrance/exit will result in potentially dangerous backing up onto the junction.

There will be even more traffic at the junction if plans for 76 homes go ahead at Southbrook Mills just off Station Road.

Most Mirfield residents are highly concerned that The Black Bull, an iconic building which is part of Mirfield’s character, will be lost forever to retail commercialism and the attendant noise and pollution brought by extra traffic and Tesco’s estimated five deliveries per day will significantly detract from what is a pleasant and characterful Yorkshire town in which to live and shop.

If you want to stop this development, attend campaign meetings and write to your local councillors and MP(Simon Revell.

For further information visit Mirfield Town Council’s website ( ) and the “Say No to Tesco in Mirfield” Campaign website (

The next rally is at Mirfield showground on Saturday September 3 at 10.30am.


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