Time for a Batley High School for Boys reunion?

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Two long lost pals who renewed their friendship are trying to organise a reunion for people who attended Batley High School for Boys between 1965-70.

Old form buddies Chris Rayner and Dave Mordue, both 61, met up for the first time since the 1970s after finding each other on Facebook.

Reminiscing about their school days, they hacthed a plan to get all their friends back together for a bash – but the pair want to gauge how much interest there is before confirming a date and location.

Mr Rayner, of Moor Lane in Birkenshaw, said: “We’re 61 now. If this is going to happen, how about now.

“We just thought if we can try and do something, it’s going to be interesting. Some lads we might not recognise.

“Some may have moved on or some may have moved abroad.

“But I have got a good recollection. I will know straight away if someone rings and says ‘It’s so and so’.

“It could be good. It’s something I’ve never pursued. It’s a shot in the dark.”

Chris and Dave, who lives in Wyke,

“It felt wonderful,” said Chris. “We’ve seen each other several times now. I’m elated that we’ve god this friendship after 47 years or so.”

Chris is trying to contact the people who he remembers from school on Facebook to get things underway. But he said people can contact him or Dave directly to show their interest in the idea.

Call Chris on 07563571247 or Dave on 07934390123