Toilet closure very bad news

The decision by Kirklees to close the public toilets in Mirfield at the end of March is very bad news.

There must be many people, like me, who go into Mirfield to do some shopping, go to the Post Office, and visit the Library, who need to use the facilities after being in town for a while.

What is to happen to the building? Is it just to be abandoned, like the council cash office was, maybe vandalised, and left to rot?

I often wonder just how Kirklees makes up the “cost” of its facilities.

Surely, the building has been up for many years and the cost is now fully written down, and they never seem to put monies aside for upkeep and maintenance. The cleaner will service other facilities, and will not be made redundant, so no saving on costs there. Apart from the electric and water bills - what other costs can there be?

It is surely unrealistic to expect volunteers or any other body (Mirfield Council?) to take over. Kirklees will surely want to divest itself of the property, will be charging Business Rates too, so where would any other party get the money from to pay the running expenses?

Provision of public toilets always used to be part of the basic council services , but now seems to be yet another obligation that Kirklees seem only too keen to divest itself of, for quite minimal cost saving.

Les Addy

Fernhurst Way