Toilet trouble in Mirfield

The public toilets on Station Road, Mirfield.
The public toilets on Station Road, Mirfield.

There’s something in the pipes at Mirfield public toilets, quite literally.

Last week, the town council-run WCs in Station Road were overflowing onto the pavement due to blockages in the drains.

It was left to councillors Andrew White and David Pinder to sort out the problem, but the two got more than they bargained for.

At a Mirfield Town Council meeting this week, coun Pinder said: “There was some overflow onto the street so, naturally, that became a health and safety issue and we needed to sort it out quickly.”

The town council then called in a company to unblock the drains, who found the toilets were blocked with a number of soiled nappies, two pairs of underpants and a shirt.

Coun Pinder added: “I think we should get signs to warn people not to flush things like that down the toilets. Whether people listen is a different matter.”