Tories call for burial plot inquiry

News update
News update

THE Conservative party has called for an independent investigation into how a Muslim burial ground is being run.

Kirklees Conservatives have called for council chief executive Adrian Lythgo to set up an inquiry into allegations about the running of the private plot near Dewsbury cemetery.

The party wants the inquiry to look into the committee’s finances and record keeping, and the involvement of former councillor Ghulam Maniyar and current Dewsbury South Labour councillor Abdul Patel.

It is alleged the men may have taken up to £1m from families during the 25 years they have leased the plot, and that there is no record of where bodies are buried.

Kirklees Council is to conduct an internal investigation – but Tory leader Coun Robert Light said: “For the sake of the families who might have been financially duped, for the memory of those who have been buried, and to answer the many other allegations we think it is essential that the full story comes out. That can only be achieved by holding an immediate independent enquiry.

“This matter has created a great deal of public interest. As public leaders, the council has a duty to reassure everyone there has been no wrongdoing.

“Those involved say they have nothing to hide so I assume that they will welcome the chance to bring all the facts into the open.”

The allegations are completely denied.