Tories will scrap rates for five years on new businesses

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New businesses in Dewsbury would be spared rates for five years if the Conservatives win the general election next week.

Chancellor George Osborne said within the first 100 days of a Tory government the town would be added to a list of Enterprise Zones, in which new businesses and those that move premises, would be spared business rates for the next five years.

Mr Osborne said: “Our Timetable for a Stronger Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire sets out exactly what steps we’ll take within the first hundred days of a Conservative government to bring more jobs and investment to Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

“We’re the only party that has a clear plan for Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, and is able to hit the ground running to create a brighter future for people here.

“There couldn’t be a clearer choice – people can either vote for political instability and economic chaos, with a weak Ed Miliband controlled by the Scottish Nationalists, which will mean jobs lost, incomes cut and projects cancelled in Yorkshire or people can choose David Cameron and the Conservatives, who will get straight back to work implementing this timetable for ‎a stronger Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.”

The party’s candidate for Dewsbury, and MP for the previous five years, Simon Reevell, said: “It’s a great announcement – it’s a chance to sell Dewsbury as a location for business.”

The Conservative party also pledged to spend £6.4bn on transport in the region, a law to ensure no one on 30 hours a week receiving the minimum wage pays income tax and to draw up a bill to recruit 360,000 new apprentices in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire by the end of the parliament.