Tour de Yorkshire: The weather forecast over the four-day cycling event

Tomorrow sees the start of the Tour de Yorkshire and as competitors get ready to partake in the race, many people around the region will be gearing up to go and watch the action unfold in front of their eyes.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 4:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 5:26 pm
Tomorrow sees the start of the Tour de Yorkshire, but what is the weather forecast over the four-day event?

This competition will reach all four corners of Yorkshire and bystanders will be spilling outside to be a part of the action, but what’s the weather set to look like?

Here’s a four day forecast of what the weather is due to be like over the period of the cycling competition.

Highs of 13°C

Lows of 9°C

Although the early morning of May 3 is set to be sunny, the rest of the day will be pure cloud, reaching the high of 13°C by 13:00. It will become overcast around 17:00 and the temperature will begin to dip after 18:00.

Friday May 4

Highs of 17°C

Lows of 8°C

Friday is set to be quite a few degrees warmer than the previous day, with highs being around 17°C, reaching this temperature at roughly 16:00 and only starting to dip again at 22:00.

The second and final stage of the women’s race will be crowned at the Cow and Calf just after 12.30 when the temperature will be around 15°C.

Highs of 18°C

Lows of 10°C

The temperature will creep up slightly on Saturday, reaching a comfortable 18°C. There will be sunny intervals throughout the day, with temperatures peaking at around 13:00 and only beginning to dip at 22:00.

Sunday May 6

Highs of 18°C

Lows of 10°C

The temperature for the final stage of the men’s race is set to be nice and warm, with peak temperatures reaching 18°C at around 13:00.

The weather will remain like this until around 19:00, when it will gradually begin to dip, meaning that when the winner is crowned just after the expected time of 17:10, the weather will still be warm with sunny intervals.