Traffic chaos

New traffic lights on Huddersfield Road. (d25111001)
New traffic lights on Huddersfield Road. (d25111001)

NEW traffic lights on a busy main road are causing chaos and costing trade, say Mirfield businesses.

Pelican crossings have been placed on crossroads at Huddersfield Road, Newgate and St Paul’s Road.

Nisa Local owner Bal Tung said he had about 100 fewer customers a day. He said: “Nobody wants to pull up and come into the shop any more. When you have cars behind you, it’s the last thing you want to do.

“I am definitely worried about the effect on my business. We have only been open three months and this isn’t something you need.”

Wi’bits fish and chip shop manager Paul Martin said the lights were causing traffic to queue to Back Station Road.

He said: “It’s chaos. It will affect us because people won’t park up here any more. They are good for pedestrians but I think there are too many of them.”

Motorcyclist Damian Gourlay said the confusion made it difficult to overtake traffic with cars all over the road.

He added: “It has been chaos. I don’t see the need for these lights. There has never been as much traffic.”

But Pizza Island driver Imran Ali welcomed the lights. He said: “It makes the road a lot safer. There is an order now - there is no chaos any more.”

Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton (Con, Mirfield) said the lights were installed to cope with traffic from McInerney Homes’ Butt End Mills housing development.

She said Kirklees turned the plans down but the Secretary of State granted permission on the condition that McInerney paid for new traffic lights.

Coun Lees-Hamilton, a driving instructor, said: “It’s going to be a big problem until drivers get used to it. From a pedestrian’s point of view it’s safer but I don’t really welcome another set of traffic lights as we have enough traffic pollution as it is.

“It’s all very well the planning inspector coming up from out of town, but I think he needed to listen to what local members said. We are the only ones with local knowledge.”

A Kirklees Council spokesman said it was monitoring the lights. “There have been some issues with vehicles staying longer than the loading and unloading times allow which has caused problems, although some delays were predicted when the application was passed.”

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