Capital link-up for Mirfield

Coun Martyn Bolt
Coun Martyn Bolt

A train service linking Mirfield to the capital has proved so popular that any extra service will be added to the timetable later this year.

Grand Central’s announcement was welcomed this week by Coun Martyn Bolt (Con) who was part of an earlier campaign to have Mirfield added as a stopping point on the Bradford-London route.

Despite being initially rebuffed, Coun Bolt was able to convince officials that an extra trains to the capital should stop at Mirfield station.

He said: “Having been told by Kirklees officers that it was not feasible, I met with senior management at Grand Central in Mirfield and they were impressed buy the potential of an additional stop and worked to make this happen.

“An additional service each day will now make those journeys more accessible to Kirklees travellers.”

Four trains will run between Mirfield and London each day by the end of year.

Coun Bolt now hopes persuade Metro and the council to extend the station car park.

He said: “ When I started my campaign I suggested a means of acquiring land which would not have meant high purchase prices, I am not convinced that opportunity has been attempted with enough enthusiasm to help alleviate the problems now caused by the popularity of the station.”