Monastery mayhem

Crash at the Community of the Resurrection.
Crash at the Community of the Resurrection.

A police chase interrupted the normally peaceful life of a Mirfield monastery on Wednesday.

A black Mercedes crashed through a garage wall at the Community of the Resurrection after being caught by police, damaging a car bought just six weeks earlier.

The monastery’s appeal administrator, Adele Hannah, said: “The first we knew of it was hearing the police helicopter overhead. We just assumed it was going somewhere else.”

The monastery bought a new Vauxhall to transport older members of the community, but the crash impact broke the back windscreen and falling brickwork caused further damage.

“It was safely tucked away and then this happened. We were being really careful about which brethren we let drive it,” said Mrs Hannah.

“Hopefully it will be repairable.”

Police said the car failed to stop at around 4.45pm in Westtown, Dewsbury.

They chased the vehicle to Stocks Bank road in Mirfield before it crashed. There were no injuries and the occupants were arrested. A road closure was put in place.

General manager Guy Laurie said: “It’s quite a job to drive into a wall quite like that. It’s going to take quite a bit of repairing.”