Travellers move from Mirfield to public car parks in Dewsbury

TRAVELLERS have set up camp in two public car parks in Dewsbury.

The group was forced to leave Cleckheaton on Thursday night, and briefly stayed in Knowl Park in Mirfield.

They arrived in Cliffe Street car park and the car park at the railway station on Friday night.

In total, 32 caravans are parked at the two sites, but the drivers have not paid for tickets.

John Howard, one of the travellers parked at Cliffe Street, said the camp had not been issued with any fines for parking across white lines or parking without paying.

A council spokeswoman said: “Other procedures are in place to remove the travellers from the car parks.”

A hearing is scheduled for Friday morning at Dewsbury County Court. It was due to hear an application from the council to have the travellers removed from Knowl Park.

The council now hopes to use the hearing to have the travellers removed from Cliffe Street and the railway station, where they are still parked.

For the full story, see this week’s paper, out on Friday.

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