‘Unruly’ pupils are spoiling progress

Chickenley Community School in Princess Road.
Chickenley Community School in Princess Road.

Unruly pupils are having to be physically restrained repeatedly by staff at a Dewsbury school.

Immediate action is needed to stop the need for physical intervention at Chickenley Community Junior, Infant and Nursery School, an Ofsted report has found.

Inspector Jonathan Brown noted that the incidents concerned a “very small” number of pupils, totalling around 13 incidents per month.

“This situation is having a negative impact on the learning of the individual pupils concerned and on the learning of other pupils within the class who witness these events,” he wrote in his report.

Mr Brown also found the school was not making enough progress towards leaving the special measures imposed last November, and raised concerns about staffing levels.

“The executive headteacher and headteacher work hard to manage the day-to-day staffing and behaviour issues they face, but the enormity of this task is diverting their attention from tackling other weaknesses,” Mr Brown said.

Headteacher Bronagh King said extra staff training, greater supervision and more external support had been brought in to improve behaviour.

Ofsted did find improvements had been made in pupil progress and in teaching.

Miss King said: “Ofsted’s report makes it clear that improvements have been made in certain areas. At the same time, we are absolutely committed to addressing all the issues that still require attention.”