Unsafe saw fine for boss

A WOODWORKER put himself and an employee at risk of serious injury after using an unguarded circular saw.

Dewsbury magistrates heard Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors issued two prohibition notices to stop Asif Iqbal using the saw at his workshop in Ravensthorpe until it was made safe.

He complied with a notice served in March 2010, but the guard he fitted broke and was not replaced. When his premises in the Riverbank Enterprise Centre were re-inspected in October, the unguarded saw was in use again.

On Tuesday, Iqbal admitted failing to adequately guard the dangerous part of the machine. He was fined £4,000 and must pay £1,305 costs.

The second visit to Iqbal’s workshop was part of two-week HSE campaign with West Yorkshire councils. He was the only Kirklees employer to receive a notice.