VIDEO: Heckmondwike boy’s trolley dash record bid

A Heckmondwike boy got the chance to attempt a world record breaking trolley dash in a new discount shop.

Azad Ali, 11, raced around the 99p Stores, at the Ridings, Wakefield, throwing as much as he could into his trolley in the hope of setting a new world record.

With a total of 64 items Azad’s effort, which was watched by a team of store staff and keen shoppers, came about 200 short of the record.

But he got to take home all of the toys, drinks and popcorn he managed to bundle into his trolley in 99 seconds.

Among the items was a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle, a Wild West games set and a blue cuddly toy.

Azad said he had the time of his life at the event on Tuesday.

He said: “It was amazing, I couldn’t believe I was getting to do it.

“I was really excited but also quite nervous at the beginning. I was just telling myself, ‘don’t break anything, don’t damage anything’.

“My strategy was just to go as fast as I could and not think too much about what I was putting in the trolley.

“I didn’t beat the record, but I think I did quite well.”

Azad was nominated by his mum Nicola, and was picked above 50 other entrants for the frantic challenge.

Congratulating Azad, spokesman Graham Barnes said: “He didn’t get the record, but it was a very good score for a youngster. It’s one of the highest scores we’ve seen for a ‘diddy dasher’.

“The trolley dash added a sparkle to the grand opening of the store.”

The world record is 265 items, held by Southampton mother-of-two Sally Cooper.

For a video of Azad’s effort, visit