VIDEO: Meet the Yorkshire stuntman who has never been injured in 27 years

Stuntman David Goodwin.
Stuntman David Goodwin.

When your day job is being a professional stuntman, injury and even death is seen as an occupational hazard.

After all, flinging yourself around and putting your body on the line is par for the course.

Stuntman David Goodwin.

Stuntman David Goodwin.

And just a quick search in YouTube can result in horrifying videos with many real examples of the all-too-real consequences of what can happen when it goes badly wrong.

For David Goodwin though, the risk is far outweighed by the buzz of it all.

The 48-year-old has been doing the job for more than half his life and amazingly he has never suffered a serious injury.

A few bruises and niggles here and there, but not so much as a broken bone in 27 years of smashing cars about and setting himself on fire.

Stuntman David Goodwin.

Stuntman David Goodwin.

David, of Thornhill, Dewsbury, has built a successful career on carrying out daredevil stunts.

"Over the years I've become an all-round stuntman," he said.

"There's not really any stunts that I've not done.

"I've never broken a bone so I think I'm doing something right!"

Stuntman David Goodwin.

Stuntman David Goodwin.

For David, being a stuntman has been a lifelong ambition and wasn't just something he fell into (Pardon the pun).

He added: "It's my passion.

"I remember when I was little, I saw my Grandfather reading a paper and it had a story about a car stunt gone wrong on the front.

"It hooked me on cars as soon as I saw that - hook, line and sinker."

David, who grew up in Manchester before moving across the Pennines, spends the vast majority of his time on the road performing at shows.

His company, Revolution Stunts, has a clutch of shows pencilled in for the summer with intertwining TV work in Holland also planned.

In the past he has also performed in movies, his most notable appearance being in the 2015 film 'A Hitman in London' starring Mickey Rouke, Darryl Hannah and Eric Roberts.

"I get to go all over Europe and I've just got back from Belgium," he said.

"I'm out doing stunts nearly every weekend and so I'm always trying to find new ideas

The job keeps me fit.

"I'm doing lots of shows and so it's keeping me busy."

David admits that he has been relatively lucky by avoiding injuries over the years and was especially happy to escape in one piece from a recent stunt in Belgium.

During it (see video), he drove a car into a bus and admits that the scene was one of the toughest challenges he's faced.

"I've done a mixture of tough scenes in my time," he added.

"I've rolled a car over a cage and flipped it three times.

"Most recently, I crashed a car into a bus in Belgium.

"Someone attempting to do it many years ago sadly died and so it was definitely one of the most dangerous I've done.

"It was very high-risk."

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