We will never forget her

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The family of Abigail Harris had to relive the agonising last moments of her life at an inquest last week.

Abbi, 12, of Hanging Heaton, was killed by a speeding car while she was on a family holiday in Spain in 2010.

The inquest heard Abbi was on holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, with her mum, Nicola and sister, Jessica, and her mum’s boyfriend Keith Thackeray and his son, Thomas on April 18 2010.

The group had just been horse-riding when they were heading out for dinner.

Thomas and Abigail were standing on a pavement further in front of the group, when a blue Ford Escort mounted the pavement and hit the two of them. It hit them so hard it threw them into the air.

The car was then said to have continued driving at speed before returning a couple of minutes later.

The court then heard a woman got out of the car and said “I am sorry, I am sorry”.

Abbi suffered severe head injuries and was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Thomas broke his collarbone and was taken to hospital.

Ingrid Isabel Noguera Gomez and her father Jaime Noguera were both in the car, although it was not clear who was driving the vehicle.

The pair both faced charges for dangerous driving in Spain but, due to a Spanish legal technicality, neither the Coroner nor Abigail’s family could be informed of the verdict.

Coroner Oliver Longstaff recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

Summing up, he said: “The conclusion will come as no surprise and no comfort to Abigail’s family, who have had to live with this dreadful event for four years, knowing nothing can bring her back.

“If there is any consolation to be gained, it was that she was utterly unaware of what was going on – take some comfort in the fact that she did not suffer.”